Ah, Der erste post! My first post.

Where shall I begin. Blogging, to be honest, is a brand new experience for me. 37 and many blogs later, here I am, by many blogs, I mean the ones I have read. Why? I don’t know really but my German girlfriend asked me to start a blog and write about my experiences in Germany. Perhaps she finds my comments about things in Germany interesting? Perhaps. I don’t know. I could ask her. Maybe I will. For now, it is onward!

I will try not to ramble.

I have been visiting Germany since my girlfriend and I started dating in 2009. We met in Singapore. She was an intern who got offered a permanent position in a German company. She stayed there for five years. It was her first trip to asia and she had initially planned to live there for 6 months, which was the duration of the internship. Well, I guess, she must’ve proofed herself as a valuable asset. We met through a mutual friend who worked with her.

Within the first 3 months of our dating, she had to return home for Christmas. Just as I was thinking about how to spend my christmas, she suggested I go with her. Well, how could I refuse? So I planned for a two week trip, which coincided with a Depeche Mode concert in Berlin but more on that later.

Her ticket was a return ticket because she had purchased it from Germany, so she had to leave on a date much earlier. A date, I couldn’t get leave on. I could only take two weeks, so I had to plan it backwards from the concert. Which also meant that…..I had to fly alone to a country I have never been to, to be picked up by her and her brother whom I have met only once. Great. So the adventure began from the airport

So there, a brief history or background.


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